Unraveling My Childhood Asthma: Did Motherhood Cure It?



Here’s the article I wrote for the CommonHealth Blog on WBUR about overcoming my childhood asthma.

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4 Responses to Unraveling My Childhood Asthma: Did Motherhood Cure It?

  1. Rebecca Stewart says:

    I read your essay about growing up with asthma via NPR…

    I simply had to tell you how much your story resonated with me. I, too, grew up in the shadow of early-onset, severe asthma. I, too, had a tumultuous, stressful childhood. I, too, know what it is like to have your life punctuated by hospital stays and rounds of prednisone. I, too, have faced down my death. I, too, underwent a dramatic change when I became a mother- my asthma suddenly improved dramatically, though didn’t go away completely.

    My story differs from yours, however, in that my 12 years of motherhood have been indundated with stress and grief. Yet I still saw such a noticeable change in my symptom patterns when I was pregnant and after my son was born.

    I still have it and am still essentially a walking pharmacy, but it’s still only a fraction of the severity before motherhood. Maybe someday if my life ever calms down and allows me some happiness, my symptoms will abate further. One can only hope.

    • Rebecca,
      Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt response to my story. I’m so sorry to hear that you had to go through all of those struggles and that they have continued into your adulthood. I’m relieved to hear that your asthma has improved a little and I’m going to just keep hoping that your symptoms abate even further.
      I send you giant virtual hugs of happiness!

  2. Nicole says:

    Sarah – it was amazing to meet you last night and incredible what a small world we share! Your writing is incredible and this story is so impactful – raw, heartfelt, articulate. Just beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing

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